September 13, 2004

WirelessCabin Test Flight demonstrates GSM, WLAN and Bluetooth in Airbus A340-600.

Airbus Press Release, DLR Press Release


November 11-12, 2003

The World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) workshop on Wireless Onboard will take place in Hamburg, Germany. WirelessCabin is co-organising and sponsoring this event.

WirelessCabin did demonstrate GSM and WLAN services over satellite in laboratory.


July 2003

A specification set of the networking technology and protocols has been released.


May 12-14, 2003:

Another set of measurements investigates the propagation characteristics and interference to terrestrial mobile networks, this time in a wide-body aircraft A340 in Toulouse.


February 25, 2003:

A measurements campaign investigates the propagation characteristics and electromagnetic compatibility with aircraft avionics in Airbus aircraft.


September, 2002:

Passenger interviews reveals the great potential of the wireless aeronautical market.


Juli 1, 2002:

The WirelessCabin project officially starts under EC contract IST-2001-37466.