Wireless Cabin Market Assessment Survey

Imagine you are flying in an airliner - someone in the office calls you on your mobile to tell you that your presentation was changed by your boss. You switch on your laptop, connect wireless to your company intranet and download the file. Alternatively, you could be going on holiday and you start wondering about the local attractions at your holiday destination, get out your PDA and hook up to the Internet. Far fetched? In 1 year time we aim to have demonstrated this technology.

Market Survey 
A market survey was conducted by ESYS plc  http://www.esys.co.uk 

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About This Survey
This survey was conducted for the wireless cabin consortium by ESYS plc. The consortium is co-ordinated by the German aerospace centre DLR and is backed by a team of major industry players including Airbus, Ericsson, Inmarsat, Information Society Technologies, KID-Systeme, Siemens, TriaGnoSys and University of Bradford This survey was anonymous. No personally identifiable information was collected by this survey. If you wish to get more infromation, please contact Dr Andrew Rogoyski at ESYS plc.

Key Findings

This survey presents an assessment of the market for the provision of voice and data services within passenger aircraft. It has achieved this through surveys of airline passengers, airlines and associated industries.