Business Model

A Business Model was devised for Aeronautical InFlight Integrated Services. We started considering the actors and their relationships:



Then we proposed the Business Model. The main actor is an Aircom Service provider, including a traditional one (Ex. SITA, ARINC) a Mobile Operator for the Roaming Agreements and an Airline.

In order to test the Business Model we modified an existing  Satellite Billing System to suit the Wireless Cabin Project. Some shots of the Billing System are shown below.



The figure above show the process.


Some reports are shown below, the Invoice detail printing on board for the passenger before disembark.


Finally Settlement between the actors is shown below


Finally we developed some applications on Sony Ericsson P900 Smarth Phone.


This application permits a Passenger to view the current Bill during the flight.



This application allows the crew to do a duty free purchase wireless on the plane, and send the accounting data to the Billing System.